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    The Balsamon Farm established in order to restore the Balsamon tree to the shores of the Dead Sea, and today serves as an Agricultural R&D Nursery.

"Until the day break, and the shadows flee away, I will go to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense".

(Song of Songs)

Many years ago, a wondrous tree was grown in the kingdom of Judah, at the shores of the Dead Sea. This unique tree was called the Balsamon Tree, and the ancient Hebrew farmers were the only ones in the world who knew its secrets. Only they knew how to extract its incredible and beneficial products.including the fabled Balm of Gilead.

From this special tree, the Hebrew farmers produced a pharmaceutical product that was considered one of the world's most important and effective medicines. They also produced from this tree a perfume that was considered one of the best and the most expensive fragrances of the Roman Empire. Because of the great importance of the tree, its product served as one of the ingredients of the incense of the Holy Temple and later,for the anointing oil of the Kings of Israel.

Orchards of this particular tree bloomed for a thousand years, glorifying the name of the Kingdom of Judah around the world, and providing pleasure, treatment and healing for humanity.

Everything changed when a period of wars and crisis hit the area. The destruction of the Second Temple, the fall of the Roman Empire, the exile of Israel from Zion and the Muslim conquest of the country caused the Jewish people to wander and the wondrous tree to become extinct from Israel.

Fifteen hundred years later, we at the Balm of Gilead Farms decided to become pioneers. Our objective was clear - to restore the wonders of the Balsamon tree to the shores of the Dead Sea, and to return it to its former glory, producing its wondrous products. Along the way we have built a rare and unique collection of fragrant and medicinal plants. Together with the Balsamon tree, our team has decided to reintroduce a carefully selected roster of ancient medical plants with enormous applied potential. 

We invite you to join us on a romantic adventure, scented with ancient fragrances.

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